Anguo Chang'an Chinese Medicinal Herbs Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, lies in the famous medicine capital City Anguo with 1,500 years history of Herb. Our main products are over 2,000 kinds of traditional Chinese herbs, medicinal herbs, herb powder, sliced herbs, spices and herbal tea. As a legal and famous pharmaceutical wholesale enterprise of Chinese herbs with rich experience, we have successfully passing Chinese newest Good Supply Practice authentication, and our brand QI’AN is awarded the famous trademark and brand in Hebei Province, China. In March 2014, we have invested more than 16,000,000 RMB and build our new manufacturing company Anguo Qi An Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, which is a modern enterprise passed GMP Certificate and cased on manufacturing and selling superior Chinese Herbs with very good price.

藏红花的功效与作用 藏红花的用法

藏红花的功效与作用, 藏红花的用法, 西红花




摘要: 认识药物的性能,并不是某一个人在某一时期天才地发现的。它是我国广大劳动人民在长期与疾病作斗争的过程中,逐渐积累了药物治病的丰富经验,并把它上升为理论的结果。这些理论,虽然还有待于进一步研究、提高,但长期以来,对中医用药曾起着一定的指导作用。四气五味四气五味,就是药物的性味,代表药...

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