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Company Culture

Chairman’s statement:
Enterprise culture is the common behavior norm of enterprise members, and it is the power to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

-----------Zhan min Wang

General manager’s statement:
Vigorously cultivate the enterprise culture, stimulate staff positive energy, and boost the healthy and orderly development of enterprises.

------------ Yong Qiang Wang

Company positioning
We care for human health, and supply the most effective Chinese Medicinal Herbs for the world.

Company Principles
Respect talent, focus on good quality, be serious with commitment, and abide our credit standing

Core values of the company
Honesty business operation,quality first,excellent service, continuously progress,Creating largest value for customer

Company Spirit
Integrity, striving with great efforts, realistic and innovative

Company tenet:
Pursuit of excellent quality, heritage of traditional Chinese medicine culture, and build Qi An as famous enterprise brand

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